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Interest Calculator

How much savings interest will I earn?

Use our quick and easy calculator below to find out how much interest your investment will earn on maturity. 

Important information

This calculator is for illustrative purposes only, and the results are based on the figures you input. The figures generated by this calculator do not constitute a recommendation or financial or other professional advice from Sensible Savings.

Interest is calculated up to the day before the maturity date. Interest is only paid out on the maturity date of your bond. Where the maturity date is a non-working day, interest will be paid on the next working day. For bonds with a term of more than 1 year interest is compounded annually.

You will start to earn interest as soon as you have completed your online application and we have received your funds. Alternatively, if you are making your deposit by cheque you will start to earn interest as soon as your cheque has cleared. You will continue to earn interest up to, but not including, the maturity date.